GPR Can be Used for Forensic Investigation

There are so many commercial and residential uses for GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) but who would have thought that it could be used in the advancing science of forensics? When you really think about it, sadly, it makes perfect sense. GPR allows you to see beneath the ground, for things that are buried. A GPR machine can be used to run a grid over a suspected area where evidence or even a body was suspected to be found and information gathered can be provided to law enforcement. 

We’ve done a bit of research ourselves and found interesting case studies and information about this advancement in forensic science. We wanted to share one of the interesting case studies we found with you. This is just another reason we truly believe that ground penetrating radar is a technology that really has no bounds when it comes to potential uses. 

Read more about the case study we found out of Florida by clicking here.

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